Herbert Hildebrand Homecare - Care Management

Our care managers have received special training and are qualified to work in accordance with Section 7a of the SGB XI. Care insurance providers must fund care management for customers who require care and their carers. Carers could be family members but may also be people close to them, e.g. a neighbour or friend.

Care management can only be carried out by suitably qualified care managers. Our care managers

  • offer advice on which services are available and what you are entitled to. They will come to your home on request.
  • will draw up a care plan together with you which is tailored to your needs. They will help with its implementation and updating.
  • draft applications on which a decision can be reached and also help with other formalities.
  • inform you about your rights in relation to forwarding of medical assessments by experts of your health insurance or another expert appointed by the care insurance and also of the separate rehabilitation recommendation.
  • provide carers with information about relevant offers and services funded by the care insurance to support them and reduce the strain of looking after their loved one.
  • offer individual training and courses in care.
  • ensure continuity of care in the home environment following discharge from hospital.