Nursing Care Provided by Herbert Hildebrand Homecare

Nursing Care

Nursing care is funded by statutory and private health insurance. Nursing care procedures must be prescribed by your doctor and authorised by your health insurer. They are not funded by care insurance and do not affect any care allowances. Nursing care may be required as a stand-alone service or in conjunction with other care services.

Nursing care is provided by our certified nurses. Some of our nursing staff have additional qualifications and are expert in specialist areas, such as wound management for instance.

Herbert Hildebrand Homecare offers all contractual nursing care services funded by your health insurance. These include injections, wound care, putting on and removing compression stockings, intensive care management at home, administering medication and much more. Contact us to discuss your needs without obligation.

Prevention of Hospital Admissions

Specialised care that is normally provided in a hospital setting can also be delivered at home by competent staff and thus help you avoid having to go into hospital yourself or have your loved one admitted. You can benefit from our expert knowledge and many years of experience in the field to either avoid a hospital stay altogether or reduce the time you need to spend there.

Home Help

You are entitled to receive home help or family care, funded by your health insurance, if the person who mainly looks after the childen in your family, or family-like structure, is not able to fulfil his/her duties (e.g. following admission to hospital or rehab) and you have at least one child under the age of 12. We are able to provide these services at our usual high standards. Please call us for more details.

Sick Children’s Nursing

Call us immediately if you need help to look after your sick child at home. Our sick children’s nurses will support you in this difficult situation with their specialist expertise. All you need is a prescription from your paediatrician, general practitioner or the hospital. Our sick children’s nurses are also qualified and experienced in children and youth prevention services aimed at avoiding health problems in adult life. Our sick children’s nurses will regularly review the care management for children who receive care services funded by the care insurance and also deliver training sessions for you and your child. Why not take advantage of the experience of our sick children’s nurses?