Care services offered by Herbert Hildebrand Homecare

Personal Care

We deliver all services funded by your care insurance. The care we provide for your loved one is based entirely on his/her individual needs. Our personal care services are reliable, tailor-made, competent and flexible. We are happy to answer any of your questions free of charge and without obligation. Herbert Hildebrand Homecare is a provider approved by all statutory and private care insurance schemes. Please contact us to discuss your needs.

Personal and Social Care

Providing personal and social care in the home requires a lot of prior information. What resources are available? In which area(s) of life do you need help? How often in the day to you need care? When would you like us to attend? How is care funded? These and many other questions determine how care is delivered and its process. Successful care provision and high satisfaction levels depend on good communication between everyone involved, both before and during the course of our engagement with you. We can only give some basic information here. It cannot replace an individual discussion of your needs.

Respite Care

If you are your loved one’s carer and are unable to look after them for a while (due to holidays or sickness) or just for a few hours (medical appointments, social activities etc.), your care insurance will cover the cost for respite care by a homecare provider up to €1,550.00 per year. Your entitlement to this sum expires with the end of the calendar year if you have not used any or all of it for respite care. A new entitlement for the amount of €1,550.00 starts at the beginning of the following year.

Benefit Entitlements

People with severely reduced functional capacity in daily life (disabled or mentally ill people, or dementia patients) are entitled to €208 per month to pay for low levels of care or support with various daily activities. Every insured person who has had a care level assessment is currently entitled to €104 per month. These services may be provided by specialised approved homecare service providers, such as Herbert Hildebrand Homecare. From 01/01/2013 these services may also be reimbursed as “benefit in kind” (see PNG).

Home Help

Herbert Hildebrand Homecare housekeepers help you with your domestic chores so that you have more time for care for your loved one. Our staff will discuss your individual needs and propose an appropriate service package. These services are funded by the care insurance if you have had a care level assessment.

Advisory Services

Anyone with care needs and who receives a care allowance must see an advisory service on a regular basis. Anyone assessed as Care Level 0, I or II once every 6 months, and those on Care Level III quarterly. All you need to do is give us a call and one of our advisers will come to you. We are also happy to plan your future advisory service appointments. Simply call and we will make the appointment. Needless to say that our staff will answer any questions about the service or talk about any issues or worries you may have. Just give us a call.

Care Management

Care insurances must offer care management to all their customers with care needs. The job of the care manager is to help the person needing care and their family with organising care and to offer solutions and alternative options. Herbert Hildebrand Homecare care managers will help you fill out forms and deal with authorities, advise you about available services, draw up a care plan, make sure the care plan is carried out properly, support you in your caring responsibilities and make sure the care plan is adjusted as and when required. Care management is funded by your care insurance.

Courses in Care / Individual Care Training

Courses in care are designed to make caring for your loved one easier. They will teach you new abilities and skills so you can carry out your care duties independently. Courses in care also help to reduce physical and mental strain on the carer(s). The care managers who conduct these courses provide training either in classes or your home, if required or requested. We are also happy to organise classes for interested groups (e.g. societies, clubs, associations etc.) You can contact us direct, and you will also find our courses advertised in the local press.

Care Equipment and Aids

Herbert Hildebrand Homecare staff are very happy to advise you on appropriate care equipment and aids (e.g. rollators, wheelchairs, positioning aids etc.) and where to get them. These items usually need to be prescribed by your doctor and are then provided on loan by a care equipment store. Costs for care supplies, such as disposable gloves, incontinence pads etc., are reimbursed by your care insurance up to €31 per month.

Application Forms

Do you find the application forms for your care or health insurance or social service department too complicated? Or is your eyesight not good enough to complete them? We are there for you if you need help and support with your application. Just give us a call.